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Premium Business English & Office Communications

Reaching a level of English that allows you to function at work is one thing.  Reaching a level of true professionalism is another.  My goal is to offer training that allows you to push beyond and continue improving long after you are able to put the "we speak English" flag on your homepage.

I work with a team of specialist trainers who have experience and education in the right areas, and who are sensitive to types of tasks you have to use language in order to accomplish, as well as how you want to be able to accomplish them. This allows us to go deeper into the areas you want to focus on, at the same time targeting and improving weaknesses while enhancing strengths.

We are also able to integrate technologies you are likely to use at work into training, such as translation engines like DeepL and chat services like ChatGPT, or your internal administrative programs and services.


We are so confident in our ability to help you achieve your language goals, that we offer all potential customers their first lesson for free so that you can see for yourself that this training is on another level.



  • Ideal for individuals looking to push their English professionalism to the next level

  • 45-60 min sessions online by appointment

  • Training modules cover a very broad range of relevant topics in depth

  • Pre-registration attendance format

  • Held by trainers with extensive experience and expertise teaching business English


  • Ideal for busy office teams looking to stick to a regular schedule

  • 45-60 min sessions online

  • Einzel, small group, or custom group sizes

  • Drop-in or pre-registration attendance formats

  • Held by trainers with extensive experience and expertise teaching business English

We are now offering local training support in Düsseldorf and Berlin, and are working to provide training in Alicante and Valencia!


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