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We continue to offer specialized training for various groups in the legal industry:

  • Associates

  • Research Assistants

  • Interns

  • Assistants and Secretaries

  • Marketing, PR, HR, & Bookkeeping

For more information or prices, or to book training, feel free to contact us.

Legal Professional Staff:

Training focuses on professional office communications, drafting, negotiations, specialized vocabulary for target areas of law and types of legal documentation, and more.  Trainers have a legal background and/or extensive experience training in the legal industry.

Research Assistants & Law Clerks

Training focuses on a foundation in law office processes, language for target areas of law and types of legal documentation, and more for a smooth language transition into a legal profession. 

Office Coffee Break

Direct Support Staff:
Assistants & Secretaries

Training focuses on professional office communications, internal documentation and processes (time sheets, conflict checks/reports, matter entries, letters of engagement, invoicing communications, etc.), and more.  

On the Phone
Office Worker


The BR Law Office Internship Program is designed to work with your own internal training processes for interns.  Regular weekly training focuses on establishing a strong foundation in law office communications and legal English to enable future learning. 

A group of women at a business meeting

Indirect Support Staff:
Marketing, PR, HR, & Bookkeeping

Help your support staff gain a strong foundation in office communications and processes related to working in a specialized department in a law firm. An ideal perk to reward and support staff in departments that enable the functioning of your firm.

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