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Live Online English Training Focused on a Wide Range of Knowledge and Skills Needed in the Real Estate Business

Real Estate Agents and others involved in real estate transactions have to deal with a wide range of issues which necessitate specialized language skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas. Combined training brings many training modules together under a single umbrella:

  • Real estate sales & marketing: everything from property descriptions, listings, and showcasing to market trends, property values, and investment potential, to professional and effective client communication

  • Legal aspects of real estate: topics in and around the legal and regulatory framework for real estate transactions, including negotiations, types of contracts, property rights, legislation, etc.

  • Real estate finance and taxation: financial and taxation terminology related to mortgages, leases, loans, property management, and more

  • Professional communications: in-person, live-online, and telephone communications; emailing, letters, and other text production

  • "bring work to the classroom": training is designed to directly support real-world work

  • lessons up to C2 level

Training is offered in 2 formats to fit the schedules and learning needs of your team.

Ongoing training

  • Ideal for large groups of potential participants and regular work schedules

  • Weekly 60 min sessions throughout the year

  • Training modules cover a very broad range of relevant topics in depth

  • Drop-in or pre-registration attendance format

  • Held by trainers with legal background and/or extensive experience in legal English training

training events

  • Ideal for busy teams who are not able to set up a regular training schedule.

  • Instead of regular training, offer your employees intermittent English training sessions throughout the year or alongside your own scheduled events.

  • Each event focuses on a specific skill or topic, approximately 2-4 hours in length

  • Employees can choose the time and date before registering to ensure high attendance

  • Led by trainers with legal backgrounds and/or extensive legal English training experience

We currently offer on-site training support in Düsseldorf & Berlin and are working to bring you on-site training in Alicante and Valencia!


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