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Direct Training Support, Consultation, & In-person Lessons in Select Locations

Direct Training Support means having a dedicated lead trainer located near your offices who is always ready to support you in your language learning needs and wishes - and if you wish, to lead training in person.


Lead Trainers work closely with students and your firm´s HR to ensure training is engaging and effective.  They bring with them the right educational background and professional experience needed to create and deliver the best training possible for your staff.   

Into 2022, we are offering Direct Training Support for law offices and legal professionals in & near Hamburg.

Your dedicated Lead Trainer in Düsseldorf

At a glance...

Your dedicated Lead Trainer in Düsseldorf:


Kirk Beahm

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Professional educational & linguistic background

  • completed university BA (English) & TESL Certification in Canada

    • studies included: Linguistics, Education & Educational Psychology

Extensive experience teaching & building legal language courses

  • legal English & law office communications with firms (legal & support staff)

  • cooperation with legal professionals to build & deploy legal language learning content


Extensive experience building & deploying post-secondary language learning solutions

  • managed English language departments at private & university institutions in Canada & Germany

  • created and served as consultant on range of new language courses (university-academic, business, standardized testing, legal, immigration & foreign-student)

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