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Equip your key support departments with specialized English training designed for key staff working in non-legal areas

From beginner to top-level ability, Training for Law Office Support Departments focuses on professional office communications with a degree of specialization in the given department.


Along with fundamental language skills and knowledge, training modules closely follow staff´s direct nees from day-to-day work.

  • language knowledge foundation in English and office communications

  • special focus on marketing, PR, HR, etc.

  • training modules for broad range of proficiency levels: A1 to C1

  • flexible scheduling to fit evolving availability

English for Support Staff

  • Ideal for professionals of all levels

  • Weekly 60 min sessions throughout the year or until a project is completed

  • Flexible scheduling and attendance requirements

  • Training from beginner to advanced

  • Advanced training includes elements of translating, professional proofreading & editing

  • Held by trainers with legal background and/or extensive experience in legal English training and foundational departmental English training

We are now offering local training support in Düsseldorf & Berlin, and are working to provide training in Alicante and Valencia!


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