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Premium Language Training brought to you by Premium Language Trainers

English as a second language is not what it once was.  Though English is still widely used as a language for international communication, in most European countries each generation comes to the job market with much more advanced language skills. At the same time, advances in technologies like DeepL and ChatGPT are making English far more accessible to a greater number of professionals than ever before.         

Yet, for many professionals it is still important to be more than just functional in English at work.  Many people want to achieve a level of professionalism that sets them apart.  Management wants its teams to be able to make the most of language support they have access to when the trainer is not around, and to be able to do things themselves when it is not. It was this in mind that I originally founded the idea of the BridgeRise training model, which I still use today.

I focus on working with professionals who have a proven track record in an area of specialization, and help enable them to bring their expertise to a professional training environment. My goal is to support such trainers primarily with educational and business support, and we work as a team to form what I believe are some of the strongest specialized language training solutions on the European market.

On the other end of the spectrum are the trainers.  There are many English teachers out there, but few have the actual teaching skills along with the educational and professional backgrounds necessary to offer true premium training.  And in a busy ESL market, it can be difficult even for the best to stand out and make their career sustainable and successful in the long term.

My experience shows that the best solution for both sides lies not in a single trainer or offer, but rather in working together. I search for trainers who are highly motivated and professional, who have the right educational and professional backgrounds, and who are able to combine a human learning experience with the language-based technologies that are changing the dynamic of a second language for work.  My goal is to work together to bring combined offers that benefit target students and customers more than anything else they can find.

Kirk Beahm



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