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BridgeRise started as a specialised and premium business and legal English training program for companies and law firms located in Düsseldorf, Germany. The program draws on a wealth of special training modules to adapt to your needs, taking into account target occupational branches, students´ English ability, and goals for achieving communicative effectiveness – as defined by students and those judging one´s language performance. With high interest from my teaching team, I have decided to launch new courses tailored to the needs of university students who have to hold presentations and write papers in English.             

"Language ability greatly affects an international student´s chances of success when living in Germany and studying in university in English.  Students who want to get the most out of their "life in Germany" experiences here need the ability to interact with others in common situations in the language of the country.  And to find success in international studies, a high level of academic English is a requirement.


Our goal is to see if we can design an program that does the trick.

Also, because we believe happy people learn better, we decided to throw in some offers for “cultural outings” in and around Düsseldorf."

Kirk Beahm
Founder, BridgeRise



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